Mr. Kapelwa Simushi

Council Chairman.

Welcome to Sesheke Town Council

Sesheke District is situated in the southern end of Western Province. It shares international boundaries with Namibia to the south and Angola to the west.
The District shares district boundaries with Sioma, Senanga, Mulobezi and Mwandi Districts. Its 20% Urban and 80% Rural with a high rate of unplanned urbanization.
The district has a total surface area of 12,178 Kilometre Squared and It has a total population of 72,655 of which 35,484 are males and 37, 171 are females as of 2022 census.
The district is strategically located for economic activity growth as it is located along an important international trade corridor in Southern   Read More

Mr. Oswell Mpofu

Council Secretary

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